Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

What does it mean to live? In biology class, we are taught that to live means to fulfill certain criteria, but in truth, it is much more complicated. Many in this world simply exist, either by circumstance or by choice, and become part of the gray fog that comprises crowds on dark and dusty streets.

Those who live, either by choice or by dumb luck, are able to find hope in the world around them, or at least find a way to create something beautiful out of the bittersweet. In doing so, there are endless opportunities for them to innovate and create, to find ways to seemingly spin out of the ether small miracles in forms of art.  

Living versus existing is a constant struggle for every person, as it is quite easy to succumb to routine and monotony. Each person featured in this edition has chosen to live at some point and break out of the conformity known as existing and find a way to weave their miraculous poems, prose, or visual imagery out of the dust.

Before we sign off, we ask you, dear reader, how will these pieces inspire you to live as well?

Valentina Jaramillo

Kathyrine Hankin
Managing Editor