We're Back...With Lists

Welcome back to Hollow Tongue Magazine! This upcoming issue is not only our second issue, but it marks our growth from a fledgling magazine to a full-blown grown up! I can’t wait to continue my education of humanity through the varied and talented voices that find their ways to my submissions inbox.  I appreciate and congratulate last year’s contributors and hope to match our last issue with its sincerity and excitement. We have been away for a while dealing with what I can only call fires of the quotidian. I am back with Kathyrine to reopen the magazine and add some sparkle to your days with our eager keys! From now on weekly we will introduce lists. I am the number one fan of the list- appreciating its concision, order, yet magic in the vast expanse of what a list can cover. Lists can take you on a journey or prepare you for one. So, I am happy to introduce our first list of issue two...

This year for me has been a particularly grueling one- for reasons personal and reasons communally shared. I find it necessary to begin this year’s first top ten with a top ten yoga channel list. Keeping with last issue’s theme of starting and what it takes to do so, I would like to give new writers- or old ones- ways to work up to it. I know that writing for me sometimes feels like it’s never the right time, or I’m not inspired enough, but there are ways to get past this feeling that there is a mountain between you and your illusive idea. For me that is good music, being alone and feeling like everything else is in its place and the only thing that needs attention is my writing. So, when I feel inquietude I turn to yoga. Yoga can relax you and remove the mile long to-do list form your head, hopefully long enough to get the words flowing and give your story some TLC.  

- Valentina Jaramillo

1. Yoga With Adriene

2. Livestrong Woman- The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

3. Ekhart Yoga

4. Fightmaster Yoga

5. Yoga by Candace

6. Bad Yogi

7. KinoYoga

8. Yoga With Tim

9. BrettLarkinYoga

10. SarahBethYoga