Top Ten List for Finding Flow...

This week I have been finding creative places to get inspired. As many of you know the pursuit of art written or visual requires self discipline and an illusive spark that puts you in your artistic flow. I have been in the throws of writing my first novel which is accompanied by midnight brain storming and sudden bouts of Eurekas, yet it is also accompanied by the ever dreaded dry spell. In order to call upon the gods of inspiration I have been trying creative ways to inspire myself. The main way I wring the words from brain to keys is changing up where and how I write. It always helps me to make a list or a diagram of my characters and the chaotically organized ideas that trail behind each one, yet for times when a list won't do the trick changing my space works too. The following list consists of the top ten places or situations that will give you a little boost. 


1. On the roof of anything

2. Sitting on your bathroom floor

3. In a coffee shop- must be busy

4. Sitting on your bed 

5. On a park bench- for nature watching

6. On a city bench- people watching

7. Early in the morning/late at night Looking out your window

8. In a strange new place

9. In a dark room with loud music

10. In your diary before bed