Welcome to Hollow Tongue Magazine

Hello and welcome to Hollow Tongue Magazine!

Perhaps you're here by begging--er, referral--from co-editors Valentina Jaramillo and Kathyrine Hankin or perhaps you've been looking for a place to submit previously unpublished work and heard of us through word of mouth, friends, family, or the internet. Or maybe you're just here because you love the way that words and images capture moments and want to share moments of your own.

Either way, we're glad you're here. 

Hollow Tongue Magazine is meant to spark the creativity of muses near and far, hoping that those who draw from them for inspiration will soon be hunkering over their desks or staring at their canvases, immersed in the next great thing they are creating.

We aim to do this by becoming a family and providing you with inspiration a number of times a year with issues; these issues will be filled to the brim with everything that you could ever hope for creatively--and perhaps featuring you as well. We want you to be the best you can be in that pursuit. Have a question? Hit us up via email, Instagram, or Twitter! Want to submit something, anything? Send a piece our way, and we will carefully revise it and see if it has a home in our next issue. Even if the piece doesn't make it in, if it is poetry/prose, we will send you our written/typed annotations; if it is art, we will send you our thoughts on a separate document. It is a small token of appreciation for you sharing what is going on in that beautiful mind of yours; it is only fair that we share a bit of what is going on in ours. 

Finally, because we strive to be family, things may not be perfect. This is why your feedback is entirely necessary. Let's not make this a five act production where you patiently wait in the audience but an active dialogue instead. If there's something you absolutely, completely, and utterly do not like, let us know! If there is something you love and wish to see more of, especially if we start putting less of it out there, please send it our way! We want you to be as involved in this journey as possible.

Finally, we wish you the best of luck in submitting, sharing your work to, and supporting this fledgling magazine. As our title says, our tongues are hollow, and we need your stories to fill them in and tell an epic tale.

Before we let you guys go, a few quick logistics; submitting closes on August 20th--any submissions after that will be pushed to the next issue, which will likely take place closer to winter. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to check out our submissions guidelines! If you want to know our story, our aim and masthead will do the job. And, as always, don't forget that we are here to answer any and every query or concern you may have.

-Kathyrine and Valentina, Co-Editors of Hollow Tongue Magazine